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In addition to assist you with all administration around ID06, we also assist you manage administration and requirements that comes from different authorities. As a foreign company there are many obligations. To be registered in ID06 requires F-tax, new law will probably come January 1st, 2021 where tax must be paid in Sweden.

To run a company in Sweden, some administration is required: Financial statement and annual report, VAT report, Accounting, Notification of posting to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, Trade union agreements. All these requirements can be tricky to understand and take time to administrate.

Sistec provides expertise in these areas to make it easier for you as an entrepreneur in Sweden.

We assist you to conduct business in Sweden!

Tax registration for foreign entrepreneurs

Swedish clients prefer to engage companies that have Swedish F-tax. For this reason, foreign companies that run businesses in Sweden should apply for approval for F-tax. This also applies to companies that do not pay income tax in Sweden.

Companies that have F-tax are responsible for paying their own preliminary tax and other charges. If the company does not have F-tax, the client may be responsible for paying preliminary tax and employer’s social security contributions for work performed.

The Swedish Tax Agency checks with the home state’s tax authority to ensure that the contractor is not remitted for unpaid taxes and fees there. If all the other conditions are otherwise met, then an approval for Swedish F-tax is then decided. The processing times of Swedish Tax Agency can vary between 6 – 10 weeks and sometimes longer.

If you are in need of F-tax, start the process now!

Tax application help

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  • Help with completion
  • Contact with Swedish TAX Agency


Connection to the ID06 System is conditional upon that the User Company:
(a) complies with the ID06 System’s objectives;
(b) complies with applicable law in all essential respects; and
(c) is approved for F-tax by the Swedish Tax Agency. The government, municipalities and county councils are exempt from this condition.

To be connected to ID06 system the company need to have Swedish F-tax number, that is in the agreement, GENERAL PROVISIONS FOR CONNECTION OF USER COMPANIES TO THE ID06 SYSTEM. For companies that does not have F-tax number they can register and have 90 days to update that information into the ID06-system.

New Swedish law change 2021

The Government has announced that it wants to introduce a so-called economic employer concept in Sweden. The proposal means that more people employed by foreign employers will become taxable in Sweden.

The proposal contains a part that means that foreign companies, which do not have a permanent establishment in Sweden, will make tax deductions on wages for work performed in Sweden, from day one.

Be prepared – we help you with the application!

We Assist you in Sweden!

When you are new in a country you will probably run into situations which you are not familiar with, Sweden is no exception.

Sistec offers individual solutions based on your need to make it easy for you to start your business in Sweden.

We are familiar with working in a global economy and are aware of different traditions.

Take help from our senior advice team to facilitate your administration.

Consultation and assistance

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Application for preliminary tax / Co-ordination number

When staying for at least six months, you are considered as resident in Sweden for tax purposes and are liable for taxation in Sweden on all your income. You must also file a Swedish income tax return.

If you stay in Sweden for at least six months, you must apply for tax registration with the Swedish Tax Agency. 

The Swedish Tax Agency will issue a co-ordination number which is used for people who are not or have not been registered in the Swedish Population Register.

Help with application

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  • Help with the application
  • Help with completion
  • Contact with Swedish TAX Agency


We help you with financial statements and annual report. limited company must prepare and send its annual report for each financial year. This regardless of whether the company had any business or not. For companies with an accountant:

The annual report, and when also required the auditor´s report, must by law be received by the Swedish Companies Registration Office no later than seven months after the end of the financial year. If the documents do not arrive on time, the Swedish Companies Registration Office have the right to impose a late fee.

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For every business transaction, there must be something that verifies that the transaction has taken place, a so-called verification. A verification can e.g. be an invoice, a payment receipt.

Sistec offers you to administrate all current transaction for your business In Sweden.

We gave senior accounting consultants with long experience.


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VAT must be reported by all entrepreneurs who are engaged in VAT- liable activities. VAT rates vary in Sweden, which can be confusing. What rates should be added to the invoice 6, 12 or 25%, or maybe none?

If your company has a mixed business where you invoice both VAT-liable and non VAT-liable income, you must distribute VAT. What rules apply when you are abroad and within the EU? Are you going to report VAT monthly, quarterly, or once a year?

Sistec provides declaration agents, which means that an accounting consultant helps you to file a tax return and provides information about VAT to pay or get back to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Our accounting consultants monitors the tax account and informs you if the balance should be in in the red.


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Legal and Financial services

We are also happy to help you with legal services if you need help with agreement or financial consultation.

We write, review and interpret commercial agreements. We also assist in negotiations.

we sort out what rights and obligations employers have in different situations and labor law disputes and trade union negotiation. 

From us can you get support with company formation, transformation from sole proprietorship to limited company, change of board, liquidation of companies etc.


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