ID06 service offices

Companyregistration ID06

Company visits

Offices allround Sweden

Full ID06 administration support

Certified identities and secure business solutions provide a safe workplace. We will soon be there throughout the EU.

ID06 Services

We scan and vidimimate ID documents for ID06 cards,
business registrations;
company visits, order postings and full support.

ID06 Services


We train within CPR & heart starters with a focus on workplaces. Against authority, municipality and county council, we carry out qualitative threats and violence education.


Legal & Advice

We help entrepreneurs and companies with applications for F-tax, VAT, coordination numbers, employment contracts, contracts and background checks.

Legal & Advice

Validated identity against HR system

We validate identities in recruitment processes in connection with new recruitments to HR systems together with background checks, according to requirements and guidelines for companies with ISO standard.

Scanning against HR systems

Safe workplace

We conduct compliance checks at ID06 connected workplaces. We have full mobile capacity to perform scans, registrations, reports and risk analysis during checks.


Subscriptions for order postings

Avoid expensive costs with staff sitting and placing orders. At the validation process, we create their card orders directly on site with the correct peron data. We’ll take care of your order placement!

Order posting subscription

Sistec is found in large parts of Europe

Our permanent establishments are located in Sweden and Estonia. Through our mobile devices with document technicians and senior consultants, we also reach out to a large number of European countries. Our goal is that in 2020 we will offer our foreign services in all countries of the EU.

Sistec – secure enterprise solutions

Independent and impartial company for companies – two-step verification of systems, in HR and in procurement.

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