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Notify posted workers to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, Employer’s obligations

Swedish law

Stricter requirements from 2020-07-31 for employers who send workers to Sweden.

As an employer, you must:

report postings of workers to Sweden in the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s comply with the Swedish rules and collective agreements on the working environment, discrimination, working hours, holidays, parental leave, salary and taxes.

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Report to Swedish Work Environment Authority’s

50 / EuroPERSON

Posting to Sweden means that:

 – An employer in another country sends a worker to perform a service in Sweden during a limited period.

 – There is a recipient of the services in Sweden the worker is to perform.

A service is some kind of work. A limited period means that there must be a start and an end date for when the services are to be performed.

A recipient of services can be a company, organization or a private individual in Sweden who receives a service against compensation. The employer abroad and the recipient of services in Sweden normally have an agreement which regulates what service the posted worker is to perform. The parties can belong to two different companies within the same corporate group.

It is also posting when an employer abroad hires out workers directly to a recipient of services in Sweden or through another company which in its turn sends the worker to the recipient of services.

It is not posting when a self-employed performs the service himself or herself.


There are three main posting situations:

– The workers will perform a service for a recipient in Sweden and work under the employer’s business contract with the recipient of services

– Be hired out directly to the recipient of services

– Be hired out to another company abroad that sends them to Sweden

NOTE! If you do not report the posting or contact person in due time, you may have to pay a sanction fee of
SEK 20 000 per posted worker.

The same applies if you do not provide documentation of the report to the recipient of services on time. In these cases, you will receive a fee injunction which is a decision from us for you to pay the sanction fee.