In October, 2018, a new card standard was introduced in ID06. The new standard has a trust level called LoA2 (Level of Assurance 2).

The reason for the introduction was to increase safety in the workplace. Partly in terms of secure identities, but also the connection between the cardholder and the company.

Sistec is a scanning partner for ID06 and the work is conducted based on ID06 requirements and guidelines.

To facilitate the entire ID06 process for everyone involved, Northvolt have a collaboration with our company Sistec who provide assistance in:

  • Company registration in the  ID06 system and onboarding at a card supplier
  • Order placement for employees ID06-card
  • Validation of company’s employees, scanning of passport and create personal ID06 account
  • F-tax application help
  • Posted workers to Swedish work environment Authorities 


We are located at the reception of Northvolt ETT – Timebooking by filling in the form below.

In order to plan as well as possible for you, we need you to fill in the form below. This so that we can contact you with time and place for your administration help on site.

We also have  a permanent  office in Skellefteå on Fabriksgatan 6, for handling administration and ID06 validation.


Before the meeting – make sure that you and your employees has the right document to scan. Follow the link to ID06 approved documents.

Link to the list with approved documents by ID06 >>>

The company first needs to be registered in the ID06 Portal. We always start the process of validating the identity of the signatory, and then move on to link company facts to the person. This takes place during a physical meeting.

When the registration with ID06 is complete, the company is onboarded with a card supplier, this is done immediately after the company account is ready in ID06.

In the order portal at the card supplier, the orders are created for your employees. In this process, all personal information, photos of employees are added and all other information required depending on nationality and work qualifications is uploaded.

Start the process right now as companies will need to be checked before enrolled into the ID06 system and prepare the workers documents for approved ID06-card orders.

Contact form – Only for Northvolt and Northvolts vendors

NEWS! Hurry to get your ID06 card? ID06 card directly in the hand at Sistec’s office in Skellefteå!

Through Express Plus at Nexus.

When it’s really urgent to get an ID06 card, Nexus can offer express cards in an hour! The card is picked up from us in Skellefteå. Choose Express Plus when you order cards in the order portal, only the black / white logo applies. 

NOTE! ID06 card for British citizens

Great Britain and Northern Ireland citizens has to follow new regulations regarding ID06-card. Se link below.


ID06-cards for British citizens – ID06 document >>
ID06-cards for third country citizens – ID06 document >>