Management consulting for foreign entrepreneurs

Welcome to Sistec

Through our Business department Legal & Advice, we help companies to develop in Sweden. We have long experience of working with entrepreneurs from most different places all over the world.

We are here to support your company both in a strategic way and with operational tasks.  

Other assistant services:

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Are you looking for external advice?

We at Sistec have long experience both of working in large international companies and of working with world-leading companies within several different business areas.

We have long experience of helping companies with qualified advice, financial advice, accounting, procurement, and contract writing.

Our advisory consultants help you identify and manage risks in the company’s business operations to ensure long-term and sustainable development.

Interim solution or advice

Sometimes there is situations which require qualified management, action and flexible solutions.

This situation can for example be during periods of change work, start- up or in the recruitment process. Many times, an interim solution can be a good option.

An interim manager in company management can fill several different roles. They can attend as CEO to cover a departure at short notice, be responsible for a liquidation of the company, come into improve business results or take on a completely different challenge.

An interim CEO works both strategically and looks at the total business and are at the same time used to being operational and can dig into details to better understand, needs to improve and run the business forward.

Of course, company management does not only consist of one CEO. We offer interims solutions in:

 – Management
 – Finance
 – Payroll
 – Purchasing
 – Security

Based on your need

All companies have their specific needs, your company as well, right? Let us identify and prioritize your efforts.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions.