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Employment contract

It can often be difficult to understand a country’s specific rules of employment conditions.

An employment contract is a personal agreement between an employee and employer. Swedish law is strict on what can and cannot be agreed between employer and employee.

We are experts in this field and can help companies and workers with legal advice and review employment Contract.

We help you to formalize employment contract based on your needs.

Employment contract

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  • legal advice and review employment Contract
  • Help you to formalize employment contract

Payroll and salary specifications

Sistec offer you as an entrepreneur help with payroll management, this regardless of the number of employees. We help you with salary specifications and to calculate the net salary for payment.

The accounting and payroll program then create accounting orders, which are used to issue control information.

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Notify posted workers to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, Employer’s obligations

New Swedish law from 2020-07-31

Stricter requirements from 2020-07-31 for employers who send workers to Sweden.

As an employer, you must:

report postings of workers to Sweden in the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s comply with the Swedish rules and collective agreements on the working environment, discrimination, working hours, holidays, parental leave, salary and taxes.

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Report to Swedish Work Environment Authority’s

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Posting to Sweden means that:

An employer in another country sends a worker to perform a service in Sweden during a limited period.

There is a recipient of the services in Sweden the worker is to perform.

It may also be posting when an employer contracts out or offers a worker through another company, which in turn sends the worker to Sweden.

A limited period means that there must be a start and end date for when the services are to be performed.

Recipients of the services can be companies, a customer, a financial partner or a company in the same corporate group. 

More stringent requirements on employers that post workers to Sweden.

Among other things, the changes mean that if you are an employer you must:

Report a posting to the Swedish Work Environment Authority and appoint a contact person in Sweden no later than the date the posting begins; employers previously did not need to report postings that lasted a maximum of five days

Provide documentation to the recipient of service in Sweden that you have reported the posting

Inform a posted worker, who is replacing another posted worker to perform the same service in the same location, of the combined total posting time so that the posted worker can safeguard his or her right to the extended conditions that apply to a long-term posting.